Inside look

The story behind Frank's walking stick

In my novel, A Good Lie, Frank Cahill goes to a head shop called Em-Jay's in search of a weapon. He comes across a stick in the voodoo section which the clerk describes as coco macaque.

So what is coco macaque? Is the description in the book correct?

Absolutely! I can't vouch for the voodoo(or vodou as its referred to in Haiti) itself, but I can for the description. In Haitian mythology, coco macaque is the name for the magical stick some claim can walk by itself. Evidently, the owner of this walking stick can send it out on 'errands.' But these errands aren't the happy, everyday "please go to the grocery store to pick up eggs" kind. No, these are dark errands. The type that can kill. For, as I wrote in my novel, it is said that if a person gets clubbed by this stick, they will be dead by the morning.

Neat, huh?

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