welcome to my website

Welcome to my website!

When I first started writing books, I just wanted to write. I didn't want to mess with websites or blogs or email newsletters.

There were so many great bloggers out there, I didn't feel I could add anything of value in that space. Not without it becoming a time suck. I decided I was better off concentrating on my books, on the writing and rewriting, and rewriting, and— well, you get the picture.

So what changed?

Nothing. I still just prefer to write my books. Haha. But the reality of being a self-published author means wearing multiple hats. One of those hats is reaching out. It's marketing. It's <shudder> branding. So this site is my big, splashy fedora. Can't promise how often I'll wear it, but hopefully you'll find it interesting! 

welcome to my website